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GenDocu v0.4 | Swagger UI features for gRPC

We are ready to announce GenDocu’s release 0.4-beta. We have introduced a lot of features, including those known for Swagger UI.

You can test all those new features here.

Try it


Every RPC (like endpoint in Swagger UI) has its own ‘try it’ button. You can use it to play around with the real API. It automatically authenticates the request based on the selected authentication method.

API Authentication


We have embedded the authentication module directly into the documentation. You can select one of the interesting methods and then use it with the try-it feature. The code snippets have it included - you can copy-paste the code without any manual actions. The authentication must be defined inside the configuration file - here is an example. In the current stage, we support only call authentication - channel authentication is postponed.


Embeddable widget

Now you don’t have to rely on the GenDocu documentation fully - you can export it as a widget directly into your old documentation. Your widget is by default protected via CORS settings - no one other can embed your documentation on their site.

We have prepared the demo video of that feature. For the demo purpose, we embed the widget inside Tyk.io’s Developer Portal.

Develop gRPC API 10x faster

  • 1 minute to setup
  • Direct integration with GitHub
  • Autogenerate gRPC and gRPC-Web SDK
  • Live-interact with gRPC endpoints


Programmers (and the gRPC consumers!) love examples. You can create your examples directly in the comment section above the message definition in protofile.


GenDocu parses and validates each example. Then it generates code snippets with those examples for all supported languages.


Write it once, use it anywhere.

Password protected documentation

In some cases, it is much more convenient to protect the documentation with a password. All the private documentations on GenDocu provide the functionality to create and manage the passwords.


Creating and using a password is free.


Editing the content

We have also introduced the ability to write your introduction in the documentation (in Markdown) and the authentication description.


This month, we introduce the paid plans for all the projects - some features would be excluded from a free plan. The schedule is here. The startup plan would be actively developed - we are planning to add more features, like:

  • Java SDK generation
  • C# SDK generation
  • REST gateway support
  • Multibranch builds

And much more!

The future of GenDocu

Are you interested in using GenDocu? Visit GenDocu or schedule a quick call with us - we would like to hear what problems with gRPC do you have and how we can help you.

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