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GenDocu v0.3-beta released | Private gRPC Documentation and RBAC

We are ready to announce GenDocu’s release 0.3-beta - the biggest GenDocu update.

We have introduced new features:

  1. Free private projects (including documentation and SDK)
  2. SDK/Client Libraries to your private GitHub repository
  3. Users Management and project sharing

We also fixed a lot of minor issues. To create project on GenDocu login here.

Private Projects


Since August 2021, you can create a private project on GenDocu. The private project outcome is the private API documentation and private SDK. You can create the private project from any public git repository or private GitHub repository (after GenDocu app installation). The selected source repository must contain the gRPC API definition.

By default, no one besides the project creator (owner) can access your private documentation. You can add other users granting them the role Owner, Developer, or Reader. More in the User Management feature description.

GenDocu generates the SDK for private projects to the selected repository Github repository. Your responsibility is to manage the access for that repository - GenDocu creates this repository as private without granting anyone any permissions.

SDK to your GitHub repository

During the project creation, you can select an existing repository or name for the new one - we can create a repository in your Github space for you. You can even select the source repository - we will keep the SDK in the sdk directory always up to date.

The SDK to GitHub repository works directly in CI/CD manner - every new commit to the selected branch would result in the SDK-update commit.

Currently, there is some minor issue for creating repositories inside Github’s userspace. If you want to put the SDK into such a repository, you need to make it manually and then select it during the project creation.

Develop gRPC API 10x faster

  • 1 minute to setup
  • Direct integration with GitHub
  • Autogenerate gRPC and gRPC-Web SDK
  • Live-interact with gRPC endpoints

Users management and project sharing

There is a new tab in the project settings: Members. You can use it to grant users different permissions. As for Beta, there is no limit for the users, but this might change later on.

Permission (no role) Read-only Developer Owner
Read public project documentation (newest)
Read public project build documentation (all)
Read private project documentation (newest)
Read private project build documentation (all)
Can read, edit, delete the project in the GenDocu Console
Can grant, change permissions

Every project has to have at least one owner.