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Multi-branch support, free teams plan, editor mode improvements

We are excited to announce the latest update to our software, which includes several new features and improvements.

Multiple Branches Support

We’ve implemented support for multiple branches, making it easier than ever to manage and test changes without affecting the release page.

Our tool can even be used as your internal SDK generator, building SDKs for all the commits in all the branches and reflecting the git tree 1 to 1. This flow is perfect for those using git-flow. Simply create/override a commit on the feature branch, and within seconds, we’ll push the new commit to your SDK repository.

But that’s not all - you can create experimental branches for your Public API to test new changes without affecting the Public SDK repository. We hope these new features will streamline your workflow and make testing and development a breeze!


Lowering prices of paid plans - free for teams

With this release, we’re moving away from per-seat pricing and introducing fixed-price packages with a significantly lower per-user cost. In fact, our new pricing structure boasts a 5 times lower per-user price, providing teams with greater flexibility and cost savings. Additionally, we’re happy to extend our free user limit from 2 to 6, giving teams more opportunities to test our tool and experience its benefits. We hope these pricing changes make our tool more accessible to teams of all sizes and needs.

Hiding sections in the documentation.

We’re excited to announce that our latest update includes a new feature that allows you to create and hide sections within our software. This feature applies to all sections, including those that are autogenerated, such as Authentication and Client Libraries. With this feature, you can customize your workspace and streamline your workflow by hiding sections. We hope this feature enhances your experience with our software and helps you stay focused on what matters most.


Custom domains transition period

While we introduced the ability to embed the API Reference within your custom documentation on a custom domain some time ago, we’re now making changes to our offerings. Starting July 1st, we will no longer allow free plan organizations to embed docs on custom domains. We believe this change will better align our pricing and feature offerings, while continuing to provide an exceptional experience for our users. We will notify all the affected organizations also in email. We appreciate your continued support and hope this update will enhance your experience with our software.