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Closing Gendocu by 20th December

Hello, It’s been a long journey. More than two years ago I quit my 9-to-5 job to start solving one of the biggest (in my opinion) problems with gRPC APIs. I’ve met hundreds of interesting people and many innovative companies that kept me motivated to solve these issues and progress with the product. There are a couple of thousand users registered in the app — thank you all for putting your trust into my company!

Sadly, there are problems we can’t solve. The company’s growth stopped and I can’t make it profitable. I am going to close the company at the end of the December, you have a month to migrate your docs to other platforms.

Alternatives to migrate to

Don’t worry - there are alternatives to Gendocu:

  • You can use the open source alternative (doesn’t have code snippets, and styling): github.com/gendocu-com/grpc-docs
  • Another open source documentation generator: github.com/pseudomuto/protocol-gen-doc
  • Buf.build — quite pricey, but can help you share your API easily

Want to acquire GenDocu?

Do you want to acquire the source code for our platform? Contact us at bartek[at]gendocu.com.